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Accelerating Women's Careers

Centro: Gisma
Método: Presencial
Tipo: Cursos

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Accelerating Women's Careers - Londres - Inglaterra

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Accelerating Women's Careers.

Course Type: Executive Education
Career Path: Business
Course Category: Executive Education


This intensive short-course has been introduced to meet the needs of the 21st century workforce and is aimed at educating male and female executives to become extraordinary leaders.

This programme aims to enhance skills needed to transform your career path. Develop awareness of ways to better support gender balance in the workplace and build skills to achieve leadership presence. Learn how to create your own corporate visibility, including a network of mentors. 

Why choose this programme?.

  • Gain clarity on your leadership brand 
  • Develop strategies to build your corporate visibility and find a network of mentors
  • Gain insights to lead self and others through a leadership style assessment 
  • Assess your strengths and set development goals aligned with the Career Accelerator Model TM
  • Build skills to gain leadership presence 
  • Competitive environment to learn from peers
  • Tutors with an international working mindset 
  • GISMA Business School London is BAC accredited

Course Requirements

  • Bachelor degree or professional equivalent, At least 3 years’ related. 
  • Language level: Proof of fluency in English.

Course Duration: 2 days.
Online: No
Campus Based: Yes
Location: London

Certified by: GISMA Business School London.

Gisma Arden - Success.

All our students want to succeed in their careers. Our courses are designed with a strong focus on employability so that your learning will directly help you in the workplace whether you are just starting out, want to progress or change jobs.

To support your workplace and career development needs, our fantastic online careers portal will help you search for jobs, develop your CV and sharpen your interview techniques. These are just a few of the really useful tools thousands of Arden students have access to.
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