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  • Conteúdo
    Bachelor International Management.

    Your springboard for an international career
    • Accreditation: FIBAA accredited
    • Credits: 180 ECTS
    • Course language: 100% English
    • Degree: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
    • Study model: on campus
    • Campus: Bad Honnef, Berlin
    • Duration: 6 semesters
    • Internship: 1 semester at home or abroad
    • Study abroad: 1 semester (voluntary, performance-related)
    • Admission: High school diploma, technical school certificate or comparable degree; successfully completed Assessment Day; Proof of English skills


    Your starting point for a universal career

    Start your international career with our Bachelor in International Management. Marketing, sales and public relations, accounting, finance and controlling or HR – you can specialise and later work in these areas. You choose! Projects, excursions and lectures ensure a high practical relevance during the programme. English as a language of instruction, an internship with international companies and a semester abroad are just a few aspects that will have a positive effect on your future career.

    Programme Structure.

    What you will learn from us

    In the International Management Bachelor programme, we impart you with broad-based knowledge for a career in a wide variety of sectors and roles.

    • You examine the principles and challenges of international marketing, human resources and accounting.
    • You gain in-depth economic knowledge, including micro and macroeconomics, statistics and accounting.
    • You work on additional qualifications, such as international project management and change management.

    Course of study at a glance.
    1. Semester
    Course contents
    • Business Statistics
    • Principles of Organisation and HR Management
    • Principles of Service Marketing and Management
    • Financial Accounting
    • Digital Future Commerce
    • Foreign Language A (Arabic/French/Italian/Spanish/Chinese/German/Russian)
    2. Semester
    Course contents
    • Business Mathematics
    • Management and Cost Accounting
    • Digital Business Models
    • Organizational Behaviour & Intercultural Communication
    • Microeconomics
    • Foreign Language B (Arabic/French/Italian/Spanish/Chinese/German/Russian)
    3. Semester
    Course contents
    • Macroeconomics
    • Principles of Research and Academic writing
    • Financial Management
    • Management Accounting and Control
    • Business and Marketing Research
    • Foreign Language C (Arabic/French/Italian/Spanish/Chinese/German/Russian)
    4. Semester
    Course contents
    One out of the four majors:
    • Digital Marketing
    • Human Resource Management
    • Accounting & Finance
    • Data Analytics
    Regular content:
    • Career Development
    • Advanced Research and Academic Writing
    • SAP Training
    5. Semester
    Course contents
    • Applied Industry Project
    • Entrepreneurship & New Venture Management
    • Design Thinking
    • Change Management
    Optional semester abroad: You can spend your 5th semester abroad at one of our partner universities, provided that you have successfully completed modules amounting to 90 ECTS credits by the end of the 3rd semester. Further information can be obtained from the International Office.
    6. Semester
    InternshipDuring your internship, you can use your academic knowledge outside of your studies. You will also get to know the industry better – which provides the perfect foundation for choosing your career. The internship is firmly integrated into your studies so of course you do not lose any time.

    Bachelor Thesis & Colloquium


    In the International Management Bachelor programme, you can opt for one of 3 majors to develop your specialisation.
    Data AnalyticsDetails 
    Human Resource ManagementDetails 
    Digital MarketingDetails 
    Accounting & FinanceDetails 

    During your internship, you can use your academic knowledge outside of your studies. You will also get to know the industry better – which provides the perfect foundation for choosing your career. The internship is firmly integrated into your studies so of course you do not lose any time.
    • You can take your internship in Germany or abroad.
    • The internship usually lasts five to six months.
    • Make your first contacts in the industry.
    • Enrich your CV with an important position.
    • Use the opportunity to be hired by the company after graduation.
    Study abroad

    You would like to spend part of your studies abroad? Our International Office is the central contact point for all topics relating to our partner university network. We support you in the search for a suitable partner university and in preparations for your stay abroad.
    The staff of the International Office can inform you about the admission requirements of the partner universities and provide valuable orientation for a successful year or semester abroad.
    • The semester abroad at one of our partner universities is an optional part of the degree programme and depends, among other things, on your academic achievements.
    • Develop your foreign language skills.
    • Gain hands-on experience abroad – academically, personally and interculturally.


    Studying at the IU supports and challenges you. Here is what you need to bring with you to become part of our university.

    • School education
      • High School Diploma, or IB Diploma, or university entrance qualification or equivalent qualification* and transcript of records.
        *Equivalent qualifications from foreign schools and IB diplomas are recognised accordingly..
      • If you have not graduated yet, you may apply with your existing transcript of records (incl. grades and credits, if applicable) for a conditional acceptance.
      • Your final High School Diploma and Transcript of Records needs to be submitted in original or certified copy upon starting your studies.
    • English language skills
      Since all of our study programmes are offered in English, a certification of your language skills is required (TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge).
      • Academic IELTS 6.0
      • TOEFL IBT 80 points
      • PTE 56 points
      • Cambridge Advanced or Proficiency
      • TOEFL/IELTS Waiver Application

    IU Entrance examination

    Depending on your grades and country of origin, an entrance examination may be required.
    The entrance exam may be conducted remotely and consists of a written and an oral exam. The written part of the exam is computer-based and takes approximately 2.5 hours. It is composed of the following sections (1-3):
    • General Knowledge: Multiple choice questions (30 minutes)
    • Mathematics and Logic: Mental arithmetic, conversion exercise, math word problems, logic (60 minutes)
    • English Grammar and Comprehension: English reading, “fill-in-the-blank“, grammar questions (60 minutes)
    • English Oral Exam: Interview (15 minutes)

    IU Pathway

    Depending on your secondary school leaving certificate, grades and country of origin, you may need to undertake the IU Pathway Programme, with guaranteed progression into Bachelor when passed successfully.

    What are my prospects?

    You have many options with the Bachelor in International Management. After graduation, for example, you can work as a ...

    As a controller you analyse and evaluate the financial situation of a company. On this basis, you will discover risks, weaknesses and potential for improvement within the company and, often together with the specialist departments, develop solution concepts and alternatives. With this collected data, you also assist management in developing strategies and planning acquisitions or sales.

    Marketing Manager

    As a marketing manager you have two fundamental tasks: product communication and brand communication. The basis for the design of all content is a communication and marketing strategy, which is usually developed in close cooperation with the management. The instruments and channels for an effective marketing approach (“marketing mix”) are also elaborated. Actual advertising campaigns can then be tackled afterwards. This requires a deep understanding of the product world, the target groups and the market. The marketing manager is at the heart of the business - at the interface between business management, research and development, product management, sales, service and the customer.
    Management Consultant

    As a management consultant you advise other companies. The subject of the consultation can, for example, be the general management of the company or the handling of a change process. You have to adapt your fundamental consulting concept individually to the expectations and the task of your customer, without neglecting the goals of your employer – the consulting company.

    The IU is constantly on the look out for new partners and fruitful cooperations.

    We are very grateful for the commitment of our partners who support us in a variety of ways through grants, sponsorship, guest speakers, events, direct recruitment and more. Over time, a special relationship develops between the IU and the cooperation partner. The exchange between the two deepens and all sides profit from the individual cooperation contract. The goal of these partnerships is to support interested students and graduates and to give them the best possible chances and insights.

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