HTK – Academy of Design.

At the HTK – Academy of Design you learn all the phases of design projects: starting with generating ideas, developing concepts and then combining text and images into exciting layouts for adverts, brochures and posters, for example. You then learn the various technical requirements of the production phase of design projects in digital and print media.
Our training course teaches you the skills you need to design advertising campaigns, magazines, posters, brochures – both printed paper and also digitally through ePublishing, packaging for branded products, short promotional films, websites, smartphone apps and even crossmedia concepts for tradeshows and events.

The field of Visual Communication has developed rapidly over the last 20 years - in response to recent technological developments such as digitalization and the resulting economic and social changes. The training courses at the HTK - Academy of Design will provide you with up to date cross-media knowledge and skills – both digital and analog. We help you develop a multidisciplinary approach to design projects, helping you to learn to think creatively and analytically.

Histórico de cursos de HTK – Academy of Design:

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