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European Bachelor’s Degree In Fashion Brand Management (EBScB)

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Accademia del Lusso

European Bachelor’s Degree In Fashion Brand Management (EBScB) - Milão - Itália

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European Bachelor’s Degree In Fashion Brand Management (EBScB)  - Milão - Itália Comentários sobre European Bachelor’s Degree In Fashion Brand Management (EBScB) - Milão - Itália
European Bachelor’s Degree In Fashion Brand Management (EBScB)

  • Length: 3 years 
  • Study pace: Full time 
  • Education level: Bachelor's degree 
  • Institute: Accademia del Lusso School of Fashion & Design 

Start dates: 

  • Milan 
  • October 2019  (English) 
  • October 2019  (Italian) 

Degree and diploma.

QUALIFICATION: The European Bachelor is accredited by EA.B.H.E.S. (European Accreditation Board of Higher Education Schools), and is recognised in affiliated and non-affiliated Universities and Higher Education Schools.

Program description.

European Bachelor’s Degree In Fashion Brand Management (EBScB)  
The European Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Brand Management provides an excellent foundation for anyone who wishes to undertake a role in fashion, luxury and brand management.

The wide-ranging curriculum will ensure that you graduate with a wide range of multidisciplinary and transferable skills in business, management, problem-solving and planning: all of which are essential for success in today’s competitive industry.

Relating specifically to the fashion and luxury sector, the course teaches an overview of fashion and luxury, competition, and brand potential, enabling you to analyse market trends and influence consumer behaviour, as well as being able to interpret fashion’s current financial climate and analyse market evolution in relation to retail store positioning.

You will gain a working understanding of important industry processes such as following the product creation process from design to distribution and creating successful marketing and communication strategies through events and social media. You will become a brand expert, learning about brand identity, protection, globalisation, and will understand how the retail system works, including aspects such as collection and store timing.

Admission requirements.

Upper secondary school qualification- Suitable knowledge of English or Italian: demonstrated by a formal certificate or Skype language interview.

Program content.


The first year covers the core elements of the Fashion System, introducing students to a wide range of technical skills that will serve them over the following years and throughout their career.


• History of Art 1
• History of Fashion and Design 1
• Fashion Product Design Methodology
• Computer Graphics for Fashion 1
• Fashion Product Communication 1
• Textiles and Colour
• Marketing Techniques
• English Language 1


The second year of the course allows students to deepen their understanding of the fashion industry and further expand their skills. Students learn the techniques that will allow them to start work on the project that forms part of the third year and will be their professional passport for the future.


• History of Art 2
• History of Fashion and Design 2
• Computer Graphics for Fashion 2
• Fashion Product Communication 2
• Eco Fashion and New Fashion Technologies
• Project & Product 1
• Fashion & Luxury Marketing
• Law & Licensing
• English Language 2


The third and final year offers advanced training in the business skills needed to work in brand management. During this year, students hone their skills by developing their own personal projects under the supervision of experts. Once this year is completed, students are fully prepared to enter the industry as confident, well-rounded professionals.


• Computer Graphics 3
• Fashion Product Communication 3
• Project & Product 2
• Digital Distribution Design
• Fashion Start-Up Management
• English Language 3
• Final Examination/Project


• Consumption Psychology
• History of International Financial Markets
• Basics of Patternmaking
• CAD Patternmaking Techniques 1
• CAD Patternmaking Techniques 2
• Audiovisual Languages and Techniques 1
• Audiovisual Languages and Techniques 2
• English Language Techniques for Writing
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