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Executive Digital Transformation from Zero to One

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  • Conteúdo
    Executive Digital Transformation from Zero to One.

    Course Type: London GISMA
    Career Path: Business
    Course Category: Executive


    The programme comprises major features of ambitious entrepreneurship and organisation starting from idea generation and the freedom to think from first principles rather than accepting prevailing wisdom and existing structures. It is a fact that applications of artificial intelligence are constantly impacting society and professional organisations. As a consequence of that, more and more tasks have been taken over by machines or supported by digital assistants. This programme expands on the impact that digital tools and social media have been having on our society.

    Course Requirements:

    Bachelor degree or professional equivalent,  At least 3 years’ related 
    Language level: Proof of fluency in English.

    Course Duration: 4 days
    Online: No
    Campus Based: Yes
    Locations: London
    Intake: dez/18

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