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    Global One -Year MBA.

    The Global Business School
    San Francisco
    New York
    Ashridge Estate - U.K.

    Business today is global.
    A relevant business education must be a global one. Now that 60% of the world’s economic output crosses an international border, it’s no longer enough to understand how business works. You also need to know how the world works.

    The list of leaders is changing faster than you think.
    By many measures, China has already overtaken the U.S. as the world’s largest economy. China has built a rail system in the past two decades that could circle the globe three times, and the Chinese own more smartphones than any other country.

    The world’s largest cities have more economic power than many countries.
    New York City vies neck-in-neck with Tokyo as the world’s most powerful city. Its 1.1 trillion dollar economic output exceeds that of Mexico.

    The influence of emerging markets is on the rise.
    Emerging markets now import more goods than developed economies. They also produce over 50% of the world’s GDP. Their foreign investment exceeds 440 billion dollars—more than the U.S. and Europe combined.

    Technology is changing everything.
    Uber is the world’s largest taxi company, but it doesn’t own any cars. Airbnb has more rooms worldwide than Hilton, but it doesn’t own any hotels.
    Alibaba is one of the planet’s largest retailers, yet it carries no inventory.

    This is the world of global business...

    Hult is the global business school.
    Hult’s Global One-Year MBA offers the most practical and global business education available. Learn about the real world of business, in real time. Study at up to three of our seven campuses in what will be the most intense year of your life.

    08 Global campus locations
    12 Global student body
    14 Global faculty
    16 Global curriculum
    18 Global alumni network
    20 Global speakers

    The only program that allows you to study seamlessly around the world.
    Global campus rotation: At Hult you have the opportunity to explore up to three of our seven campuses over the course of one intensive year. We don’t partner with other schools—we manage our own programs so you can rotate among them without any interruption to your studies.

    Learn about world markets by living and studying in three of them.
    Today’s interconnected economy rewards those who are able to cross borders and work with people from around the world. Hult’s Global Campus Rotation program will expose you to three of the world’s fastest-paced economies so that you can see for yourself how they work.
    Simply choose a home campus to complete your core coursework, then spend up to three months specializing at two others—all without any interruption to your studies.

    Every campus has its own personality—reflecting the vibe of its host city.
    San Francisco has the edgy feel of a startup.
    Consider Boston if you’re looking for a more academic environment. London and New York are ideal bases for international business— especially finance—while Dubai is perfect for those who want to understand one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. Shanghai is China’s most international city, and the right choice for anyone wishing to do business in Asia.

    We believe that where you study is almost as important as what you study.
    All of our campuses are in prime locations. We understand that students want to be in the thick of it, not in some distant suburb. We also work with award-winning architects to create cool academic environments because we believe you learn better in inspiring spaces that encourage collaboration.

    There are 210 possible campus rotation combinations. Where will your Hult journey take you?

    Experience three global cities in one unforgettable year.

    Many business schools claim to be global. Hult classrooms actually prove it.

    Global student body: The 2015 incoming students represent 120 countries and speak over 100 languages. Though our students come from every corner of the globe, they share a common desire to make a mark on the world. They question the status quo, dare to be different, and think outside of the box.

    We look for what makes you unique.
    Many of the world’s most successful leaders did not graduate from college top of their class. Yet no one doubts that there’s something truly special about them. That’s why Hult is interested in more than just your academic accomplishments. We want to get to know you: what makes you tick, what’s important to you, and where your true passions lie.

    Study alongside students from every industry.
    Your fellow classmates will quickly become one of your most prized learning resources. They come from the broadest possible range of professional backgrounds—having already worked an average of six years doing everything imaginable. Together, you will not only share your experiences, but teach each other how everyone sees the world from different angles. Most important of all, you will learn how to use this diversity to your advantage. You will not only graduate with a network of friends from every major city in the world, you will become a true global citizen.

    Grades and test scores are important, but they don’t tell the whole story. We’re also looking for international experience, cultural awareness, and second-language ability.

    Our faculty bring their international experience to the classroom.

    Global faculty: Though Hult professors have the academic training you would expect, the subjects they teach are greatly enhanced by their internationalism: they come from 37 countries and have taught on almost every continent.
    But what sets them truly apart is their real-world experience.
    Everything you learn is backed by examples from their collective successes as corporate executives, business owners, inventors, and entrepreneurs.

    A different approach to what makes a great professor.
    Unlike the faculty of most universities—who are primarily researchers and authors—Hult professors pride themselves first-and-foremost on their ability to excel in the classroom. Many have achieved significant success in the real world, and are keen to share it with their students. Some have worked in large multinationals like McKinsey & Company, Coca-Cola, and Credit Suisse. Others have run their own businesses and enterprises. Several have developed their own patents for goods and services.

    Inspiring teachers, satisfied students.
    Our professors and lecturers all possess impressive academic credentials—93% hold advanced degrees from some of the world’s finest institutions. But what matters most to our students is their performance in the classroom.
    84% of Hult MBA students are highly satisfied with the quality of their professors. They are almost equally satisfied with the classroom instruction and academic support they receive.

    Hult professors hail from 37 countries. The majority bring over 10 years of teaching experience to the classroom, as well as their own business successes.
    • Hult faculty’s global experience - 93%
    • Percentage of Hult faculty that hold advanced degrees -  62%
    • Hult faculty have more than 10 years of teaching experience - 3 Average number of countries in which Hult faculty have worked  - 71%
    • Hult faculty who have lived on two or more continents.
    Our curriculum is based on the issues facing today’s international companies.

    Global curriculum: There’s probably no greater testimony to the quality of Hult’s highly practical MBA curriculum than the fact that hundreds of multinational companies turn to Hult’s Ashridge Executive Education programs for consulting, management training, and leadership development.

    The same experts who develop and teach our MBA program have worked with many of the world’s leading companies.
    Not only do we teach global management to MBA students, we also consult for some of the world’s most respected organizations. This problem-solving takes many forms including strategy development, change management, and leadership development.

    We translate our findings into relevant educational content.
    Part of our mission is to translate the best practices from our consulting work into useful information for the business world. We maintain a cutting-edge research center to identify and study trends in the global marketplace. But most importantly for you, we take what we learn and build it into our MBA curriculum so that you get the most relevant and current business education available.

    A few of the global organizations that turn to us for executive and organizational development:
    — Air China
    — AstraZeneca
    — Bank of China
    — Bayer
    — China Post
    — Coca-Cola
    — Daimler
    — Electrolux
    — Ericsson
    — Ernst & Young
    — Heineken
    — Microsoft
    — Nokia Siemens
    — Rolls-Royce
    — SABMiller
    — Sinopec China
    — Tetra Pak
    — Time Warner
    — International Red Cross
    — Rugby Football Union U.K.
    — World Health Organization
    — Dubai Roads & Transport Authority
    — U.K. National Health Service

    One intensive year:

    How it works:

    Hult’s MBA helps you become a well-rounded business professional in just a single year. Our global curriculum simultaneously develops your core business knowledge and leadership skills, then forces you to put everything you’ve learned to the test with real-world practice, so that you’re job-ready from day one.

    3 weeks: September
    4 credits

    Intensive introduction to the fundamentals of business and leadership.

    Module A
    12 weeks: October – December
    14 credits

    Module B
    11 weeks: January – March
    14 credits

    Module C
    6 weeks: March – April
    8 credits

    Business knowledge. — Courses that teach you with the fundamental concepts of business theory.
    Leadership skills. — Professional coaching on how to succeed as a leader and team member.
    Practical experience. — 7-month group project to solve a corporate problem or launch your own enterprise.

    Module D
    6 weeks: May – June
    10 credits

    Module E
    6 weeks: July – August
    9 credits

    Specializations. -Elective classes that allow you to customize your MBA to a specific career
    Global Campus Rotation. - Option to study at up to two more Hult campuses worldwide.

    Business knowledge: The core.

    All MBA programs teach the fundamentals of strategy, finance and management. What sets Hult apart, is the way we bring the core concepts of business knowledge to life through experiential teaching techniques and guest lectures from industry leaders, while enhancing every subject with a global perspective.

    Back to basics.
    Your MBA program begins with a three-week Immersion. Past students have nicknamed this “Boot Camp,” because from day one you grapple with building blocks of business through intensive lectures, seminars and workshops. You also begin to assess your leadership strengths and weaknesses through coaching and team-building exercises. Then, for your first three modules, your core courses will focus on the basics of business theory—taught from a global perspective.

    Experts in bringing the fundamental concepts to life.
    Since we all learn best by doing, your professors will periodically take you out of the classroom to help bring core subjects to life. We set up dynamic simulations, have students work through difficult role-play situations with actors, use computer-based models to market and sell products, and organize outdoor activities to learn teamwork and leadership skills. One of our more unconventional approaches is to pitch students against professional poker players in a lesson designed to teach the art of risk management! By the time you have completed your core studies, you will not only know all the fundamentals of business, you will have experienced many of them firsthand.

    Hear the inside story, directly from industry leaders.
    Each Hult campus hosts a Global Speaker Series so that you have the opportunity to hear directly from the world’s brightest minds. In the past, Hult has welcomed thought leaders such as Steve Wozniak (Co-founder of Apple), Biz Stone (Co-founder of Twitter), Arianna Huffington (founder and editor of The Huffington Post) and Muhammad Yunus (Nobel Peace Prize Winner) to share their inspirational stories and the lessons they have learned on the way to the top. These sessions offer invaluable insight into cutting-edge business trends, and provide access to the people who are defining the shape of business.
    Core courses:


    — Analysis for Business Decisions
    — Managerial Economics
    — International Marketing
    — Business and Global Society
    — Global Strategies in Action


    — Creating High-performance Organizations
    — Global Operations Management
    — Entrepreneurial Leadership


    — Accounting in a Global Environment
    — International Finance
    — Corporate Finance

    Leadership skills: Professional growth.

    Though few of us are born natural leaders, leadership can be taught. Hult integrates the best leadership development practices from the world’s top companies into our MBA curriculum so you can make an immediate impact when you return to the workforce.

    Specializations: Customize your MBA.

    We designed the Hult MBA to offer you ultimate flexibility. When you pick your specialization, you are able to tailor the program’s content to meet your individual and professional goals. During the final two modules, you can choose elective classes relevant to a specific career or industry, or you can study a broad range of general management topics.

    Choose from six MBA specializations

    Focus your studies on international marketing to grow an existing global brand—or create one of your own.
    Gain specialized skills in market research, branding, consumer behavior, sales, and new product development.
    These combined business and marketing skills prepare graduates for a wide array of careers that go beyond traditional functional marketing.

    Got a great idea for a startup? Acquire all the knowledge, tools and mentorship you need to start your own organization. You can further focus your studies in social entrepreneurship by gaining knowledge of how to navigate social and political issues, as well as a full understanding of how to make change happen. (Note: Since many of your professors are successful and busy entrepreneurs themselves, some of these classes might be conducted online.)

    Give yourself the competitive edge in the world of finance. Designed with input from Fortune 1000 CFOs, leading academics, and a broad range of finance professionals, this specialization provides broad exposure to areas such as corporate finance as well as developing your analytical and interpretive skills— crucial no matter what finance career path you choose.

    Project Management.
    Strong project management can mean the difference between businesses that thrive and those that fail. This specialization will equip you with the technical and people skills required to manage major projects for multinationals, family businesses, and NGOs. It is designed to give you the wide range of skills necessary for planning, organizing, securing, and managing resources to meet business objectives.


    Social responsibility and sustainability are increasingly issues at the top of the agenda for leading businesses. This specialization has been created for anyone committed to making their organizations more responsible, sustainable and successful. Get to grips with areas as diverse as environmental economics, sustainable development and design, and social justice—and understand the way in which all of these affect the global supply chain, business practices and future business strategy.

    General Management.
    Want to ensure you have as broad a perspective as possible on global enterprises? Simply take the courses that interest you the most from any of the specializations above. This will help you build the knowledge and skills that you feel will best help you in your chosen career path.


    Hult alumni are making a real difference in important jobs at most of the world’s major multinational companies. Hult MBA students who work hard and put in the hours find higher-paying jobs faster—with a quicker return on investment.

    Application requirements

    Hult takes a holistic approach to reviewing your application. In addition to your academic and professional background, we look for leadership potential, a natural curiosity, and a passionate drive to succeed.

    Who we’re looking for:

    Hult students possess an entrepreneurial spirit, an open mind, and are not afraid to challenge the status quo. Our Global MBA program asks you to dare to be different, to seek creative solutions outside the ordinary, and to collaborate with a diverse group of people to achieve tangible results.
    You have to be ready to adapt and become resilient. It is not your academic or professional background that will determine your success at Hult—it is your drive. When you join us, be prepared to work hard and get the job done.

    General admissions requirements

    — Three or more years of relevant work experience
    — Bachelor degree or equivalentt
    — Proficiency in English

    How to apply:

    Basic application requirements:

    — Current résumé
    — Written or video responses to two admissions questions
    — Two letters of recommendation
    — Application fee of USD150

    Additional application requirements:

    — A copy of your Bachelor degree or equivalent
    — Transcripts (in English) from all universities attended
    — GMAT, GRE, or the Hult Business Assessment Test
    — Evidence of English proficiency, if it is not your native language

    Preferred experience

    — You are globally-minded
    — You have lived and worked in more than one country
    — You speak more than one language

    The fee each program year is based on your choice of home campus:

    — Boston 69,800 U.S. dollars
    — San Francisco 69,800 U.S. dollars
    — London 48,200 British Pounds
    — Dubai 256,400 Emirati dirham
    — Shanghai 430,000 Chinese yuan.

    Application fee: 150 USD.

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