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  • Titulação
    1- ESERP

    Private MBA - Master in Business Administration degree


    Own Degree MBA - Master in Business Administration, (semi presencial modality)


    Private master degree MIBA*

    Master International in Business Administration

    *The student must complete the correspondent academic students contents

    corresponding to the programs stipulated in the technological platform
  • Conteúdo
    The students, during the program will develop:
    High organizational skills, strategic and directive abilities.
    Adaptability to changing environment and technological innovations.
    Ability to create strategic and operational plans with the top executive levels.
    Team working.
    Ability to perform critical analysis and solving abstract situations.
    Efficiency in fast identifying, analyzing problems and reaching the best solution, covering all possible variables.
    Open mind to social, economical and cultural changes.
    To accept and administrate responsibilities.

    Also, the student will develop a high enrichment in the personal, cultural and professional areas while performing daily activities, transforming the lost of learning in benefit of the enterprise productivity, both for the enterprise and organizations

    To have at least one of the following requirements:
    - University Diploma or
    - Accreditation of 3 years professional experience.

    • Company Policy and General management Strategy.
    • Strategies and Policies in the Marketing Management.
    • Economic Control and Optimization of results.
    • Commercial Management Organization of Networks.
    • Management Skills: coaching, empowerment, leadership and organization.
    • Economic Analysis of Managerial Decisions.
    • Financial Management: management, strategy and creation of value.
    • Company Evaluation: mergers, procurement, joint ventures.
    • Globalization and Internationalization of Markets. Analysis.
    • Management Ethics and Social Corporate Responsibility.
    • Branding, the management of the value of a brand (Know-How).
    • Product Manager: design and implementation of the Policies and the Marketing Plan.
    • Sales Forecasts – Forecast – Forenet – (Expert Systems in Business Forecasts).
    • Products and Branding Positioning Strategy: Globalization, opening new markets.
    • Production Management, Quality, Logistics and distribution of the product.
    • Trade Fairs, Conventions, Congresses.
    • Customer Marketing. Customer Loyalty Schemes. Control of new channels.
    • Marketing in industrial companies and services.
    • Optimization of product margins. Pricing policy and profits maximization.
    • The social issues: cooperation and resolution of labour conflicts.
    • Judicial and Fiscal Treatment of Managerial Activities.
    • Technological Innovation in Companies. Managing global Know-How.
    • Balance Scorecard: design of management strategies.
    • Strategic Business Game: simulation of management and business management.
    • Final Project: Strategic Business Plan.
    • (*) Contents, order dates and materials might vary depending on academic schedule changes.

    Full Time: From October to June 2011
    From Monday to Thursday; 19h to 22h

    Part Time: From October – to June
    Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday from 19h to 22. Or Friday, intensive, 17h to 22h.

    Preço: 10.900 euros

    Este curso está disponível em Barcelona - Espanha.

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