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Master in International Business Innovation (MBI)

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  • Conteúdo
    Master in International Business Innovation (MBI):

    Duration On-campus
    : 10 Months
    Duration Online: 12 Months
    Intakes On-campus: February 2018 / September 2018
    Intakes Online Programs: All the year


    Master in International Business Innovation (IMBI), does not intend to talk about what innovation is, but prepare you to be able to innovate in a global environment where understanding the importance of new technologies, personal improvement, etc. would allow you to build disruptive Business Models, which would provide new value to the society and greater positioning for your business.

    The Master in International Business Innovation (IMBI) seeks to develop the capabilities and skills of companies’ staff from different sectors and departments to enable them to respond to the new challenges they face in the current society. An environment that has suffered a structural change needs a different, more entrepreneurial approach.


    When finishing the Master in International Business Innovation (IMBI), you will get a Master degree given by the BEBS “Barcelona Executive Business School” and University of Murcia.
    The University of Murcia (in Spanish: Universidad de Murcia) is the main and the largest University in Murcia, is the third oldest university in Spain with more than 34,000 students. Is a University with Nacional and International recognition. It belongs to the Campus of International Excellence program in the project "Campus Mare Nostrum".


    This Master’s degree has a total of 60 ECTS, equivalent to 1500 hours of student involvement of which 15 ECTS correspond to the completion of the final Master’s project.

    Module I: The Capacity to Innovate: one of the few lasting competitive advantages (9 Credits ECTS)
    Module II: The Key Factor of Innovation: People. (6 Credits ECTS)
    Module III: Identification of innovation challenges. Innovation Strategy. (9 Credits ECTS)
    Module IV: How to Manage and Systematize the Innovation Process. (6 Credits ECTS)
    Module V: Collaborate to Innovate. How to Build Innovation Ecosystems. (6 Credits ECTS)
    Module VI: Starting a new business: Entrepreneurship. (6 Credits ECTS)
    Module VII: Business Game Simulation. (3 Credits ECTS)
    Module VIII: Final Master Project. (15 Credits ECTS)


    This program is designed for professionals, entrepreneurs, managers, students, and everyone who wants to acquire a new vision and dimension of the current environment and needs to consolidate and develop an innovative mindset to create and manage a business through an innovative leadership.

    Professional Career Opportunities Having completed the master:

    As Director of Innovation, Business Area Director, Officer or CEO, you will be fully trained for:
    To design, plan, implement, monitor and control the implementation of projects of technological innovation in companies.
    Incorporate innovation in management and planning departments or business units of technology companies.
    Valuing the business innovation projects based on a model and solid business plan, and knowing the benefits and return on investment.


    1.    Resume (CV)
    2.    Motivation letter
    3.    Passport or ID copy
    4.    University Degree (Bachelor degree, Degree or equivalent Professional Certificate).
    5.    Academic record (Transcript/Grades).
    6.    Professional experience (not less than two years).
    7.    Proficiency / Advanced level in English or Spanish skills, depending if you choose to study the master 100% in Spanish or 100% in English, in case it is not your moth-er tongue.

    *Practitioners without a university degree (Bachelor degree or equivalent) will not receive a Master certificate from the University of Murcia but a Diploma of training from the BEBS, if they have over five years of relevant professional experience.

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