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Mestrado em Economia

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ISCTE - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa

Mestrado em Economia - Lisboa - Cidade - Lisboa

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Mestrado em Economia
*LECIONADO EM INGLÊSThis Master programme is recommended for students with a good
technical background who wish to obtain a rigorous, in-depth education
in economic theory and policy at the graduate level, to prepare a
successful career in research or as professional economists working for
central banks, the banking industry, government institutions, and
international organisations or as economics and finance consultants.
The degree consists of one year of full-time coursework, plus one
year for research and writing a dissertation. Both semesters in the
first year focus on providing you with strong foundations in the core
subjects (microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics), while
allowing you to choose four additional courses in the field. In the
final two semesters, you will develop your dissertation under the
supervision of a faculty member and will benefit from additional
guidance in a seminar on economic research. The full programme provides
120 ECTS credits.
A strong preparation in Economics at the graduate level, in a great
school such as IBS, opens up superb career opportunities in many areas
within economics proper but also in finance and management. To be able
to achieve this while living in a city as beautiful and welcoming as
Lisbon is one more reason to choose our programme.
Teacher-Student Proximity
ISCTE Business School has a great tradition of teaching in field of Management:
The faculty of ISCTE Business School have authored more than 100
books in different management disciplines, many of which are now
required reading at other Portuguese universities;There is a close working relationship between students and faculty;Students benefit from weekly contact hours, continual email contact
and a sustained relationship with alumni throughout their professional
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