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Online Master in Operations Management and Logistics - Online

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  • Conteúdo
    Online Master in Operations Management and Logistics

    : 12 Months
    Price Online: 3900 Euros.


    The Online Master in Operations Management & Logistics seeks to provide skills and com-petencies to people who want to successfully respond to the new challenges we face today in our society. A new operational approach is required for an environment that is character-ized by a structural change in every way. The management of Operations and Logistics require any professional to develop their skills and competences as a manager in the Op-erations and Supply Chain (SCM), and this is precisely the goal of this master.


    When finishing the Online Master in Operation Management & Logistics, you will get a master degree given by the BEBS “Barcelona Executive Business School”.


    This Master’s degree has a total of 60 ECTS, equivalent to 1500 hours of student involvement of which 15 ECTS correspond to the completion of the final Master’s project.

    Module 1: Trends in operations management in the company - (6 Credits ECTS)
    Module 2: Key capabilities in operations management - (6 Credits ECTS)
    Module 3: Operations in the purchases and provisioning - (9 Credits ECTS)
    Module 4: Operations in the production processes - (6 Credits ECTS)
    Module 5: Distribution operations - (6 Credits ECTS)
    Module 6: Integrated Management Systems - (6 Credits ECTS)
    Module 7: International Logistics - (6 Credits ECTS)
    Module 8: Final Master Project - - (15 Credits ECTS)


    Professionals, managers, graduates, and everyone who wants to acquire a new vision and dimension of the today operations and logistics. People who need to consolidate and devel-op an innovative mindset for the management and leadership of the area of Operations.


    The methodology of the Online Master in Operations Management & Logistics is based on active participation of students through our online Campus in many activities, such as anal-ysis and resolution of real business experiences and case studies.

    Therefore our methodology is based on “learning by doing”, relying on software tools and Simulation Systems Business.

    Furthermore, the master requires a combination of individual and team work, analyzing and resolving different activities, real business experiences, case studies, business simulations, forums, discussions, etc. Not to mention the final Project of the master, which is the back-bone of this Master.


    • Director of Operations
    • Senior Operations Consultant
    • Director of Logistics
    • Responsible of the Supply Chain
    • Responsible of the Distribution Center
    • Responsible of the warehouse


    • Resume (CV)
    • Motivation letter
    • Passport or ID copy
    • University Degree (Bachelor degree, Degree or equivalent Professional Certificate).
    • Academic record (Transcript/Grades).
    • Professional experience (not less than two years).
    • Proficiency / Advanced level in English or Spanish skills, depending if you choose to study the master 100% in Spanish or 100% in English, in case it is not your moth-er tongue.

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