Part-Time MBA with Specialties (Madrid)

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  • Conteúdo
    Acquire a thorough knowledge of advanced business management techniques
    • Develop an entrepreneurial spirit
    • Be part of an international and innovative culture
    • Achieve a positive and inclusive leadership
    What are you going to learn?

    Competitive professionals should know and take advantage of technology, understand and be commitment to the social and sustainable economy and view the world as a single global market. All this while bearing in mind that they are expected to know how to be entrepreneurial both inside and outside their own company. Enriching your knowledge while having these core themes as a starting point will make you become a professional trained to manage organisations under the current circumstances and in the future. Does it seem too much for you? Get ready for a busy year.

    What subjects are you going to study?

    Environmental analysis and business management fundamentals
    Innovation management
    Entrepreneurship in the global economy
    Developing management skills
    Project management
    Systems for quality management, the environment and risk prevention
    Legal and tax environment
    Sales and Marketing Management
    Managing people in organisations
    Technology and business behaviour and information systems for management
    Financial Management
    Management Control
    Operations Management
    Competitive and corporate
    Corporate finance
    Business game
    Business intelligence

    Schedule: Oct 2012 to Dec 2013
    Place: Madrid
    Price: €18,830
    Dedication: Part Time
    Length: 800 hours (80 credits)

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