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  • Conteúdo
    *LECIONADO EM INGLÊSISCTE Business School is committed to fully exploring the new
    frontiers of the Bologna Agreement by offering an international MSc in
    BA that can provide each student with an unforgettable learning
    experience and valuable tools for succeeding in the fascinating - and
    complex - business world of today.
    The MSc in BA is a full-time programme designed for
    undergraduate students with a bachelor in areas that are not
    management-related (i.e., excludes management, finance, accounting,
    marketing management, human resources management bachelors),  that
    delivers the contents of an MBA to students with little or no work
    experience whilst also giving the higher academic title of Master of
    Science in Business Administration. The MSc in BA provides applied
    general management knowledge that will enable you to develop the skills
    required to engage in a dynamic and rewarding career in today's
    globalised world.
    The MSc in BA places significant focus on personal skills, offering a state-of-the-art programme
    with workshops involving several top companies in areas like leadership
    and communication and the “Master Your Career” programme, developed by
    the IBS Career Service, providing students with the required tools to
    enter the on the job marketplace.
    In other words, the MSc in BA is a learning experience of outstanding
    professional value that provides students with educational experiences
    that may be a decisive step toward succeeding in the business world.
    We invite you to learn more about our programme and how we envisage
    the role of the business executive and the development of organisations
    in the years to come.
    Teacher-Student Proximity
    ISCTE Business School has a great tradition of teaching in field of Management:
    The faculty of ISCTE Business School have authored more than 100
    books in different management disciplines, many of which are now
    required reading at other Portuguese universities;There is a close working relationship between students and faculty;Students benefit from weekly contact hours, continual email contact
    and a sustained relationship with alumni throughout their professional

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