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  • Objectivos
    Globalisation is no longer a buzzword. The trend of modern business is definitely going global. So must the professionals. ISCTE, one of the leading business schools of Portugal, offers you an opportunity to master the skills of management in terms of international businesses in a multicultural environment. The Master in International Management targets those ready to pursue an international career but still willing to acquire a sound training with a wider knowledge in management issues such as marketing, finance, logistics, and behavioural techniques captured from a global perspective.
  • Titulação
    Mestre em "International Management"
  • Conteúdo
    The programme is taught in English and is open to internationally oriented students with a bachelor degree in Business, Economics or a Business-related subject. This highly competitive academic programme prepares students to act in global business enterprises, namely, managerial positions in multinationals and internationally-connected organisations.

    Some of the strengths of this Master Course are:

    Lectured in English.
    Multicultural environment with fellow students from different nationalities.
    Open and flexible, bringing together the basics (1st semester) and the possibility of a specialisation either around a topic or a functional area (2nd semester).
    Gives due credit both to:
    Professional interests, through modules aiming at the acquisition of "how to" competences in international settings and through the international project each student is required to conduct; and to,
    More research-oriented interests, through modules and seminars aimed at the acquisition of capabilities for conducting investigation in the area of international management.
    "Wide band" program comprising a set of basic modules, which are of permanent value and responding to a vast array of interests.
    Full credit recognition for courses taken at a partner university abroad.
    Experienced academic staff holding PhDs from leading American and European universities.
    Lisbon offers a vast array of cultural events, an exceptional historical entourage and a variety of leisure time activities. Whatž²s more, just an hourž²s bus ride away you can enjoy some of the best beaches in Portugal and be sure that the weather will not let you down.

    And, ISCTE Business School is situated close to the heart of Lisbon.
    Financial advantage over other academic centres in Europe and United States. As the cost of living is below that of other capitals, students will find the time spent in Lisbon free from money concerns.

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