Curso Livre em Azerbaijani Multiculturalism [FCSEA]

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    This course is about a multicultural diversity and tolerance. Multiculturalism is one of the advanced theoretical and methodological aspects of social studies in economically developed countries. Nowadays, Azerbaijan has been successfully implementing this policy. Not fortuitous that this year is announced as the year of multiculturalism. During this course we are going to explore the notion of Azerbaijani multiculturalism through the comparative analysis of multinational and multi-ethnic diversity existed in several western and non-western countries. To note that it is not only a study of the reaction of the society, it is also an important topic because diversity has significant consequences for the social, economic, and political institutions. The course¿s main facilities are an attempt of the modern circumstances to build theoretical reflex, to find a solution to the conflicts and contradictions between cultures and nations, to study the prospects of multinational and multiethnic societies within the world models, as well as Azerbaijani ones. Multiculturalism as one of the foremost models of liberal ideology incorporates the social, political and ethnic-moral problems. This is an important topic because nearly all countries have some degree of diversity in their populations, and the increasing prevalence of mass migration means that diversity levels around the world are likely to increase. In our days, it is very important to ensure a common point to keep the peace in mutual interaction of different nations and cultures. In the context of growing ethnic and cultural diversity, lack of alternatives to multiculturalism, which provides the necessary conditions for ethnic, religious and cultural tolerance, has become even more visible. So, studying this paradigm as the interdisciplinary course will let remove the borders between different cultures. It is the easiest and most interesting way to know each other, integrating by keeping our ethnic-cultural identities.

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