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  • Conteúdo
    Pós-Graduação - Jazz Sacro
    E-Tutors: Carlos Viegas; Pedro Madaleno

    3-level Cultural Music Course - Guitar (a total of 504 hours of continuing education)

    Partnership (Parceria), St. James the Elder Theological Seminary (HCCI), FL, USA

    ENJOY NOW 30% Off the Original Price

    Our Online Tutoring Support/Orientation is asynchronous

    We will provide all the sheet music (in both traditional music notation and tablature or chart notation as applicable) for each module, written tutorials, 2 video-lessons for each study module (one is "step-by-step" and the other is a "full demonstration"), e-mail extra tutor support, tutoring evaluations, and much more!
    Students may also produce their module videos with CyberLink YouCam to listen and observe their own performances, and when they are ready they can submit these videos to the Tutor for grading and get a feedback.
    The Tutor will produce a customised video-tutorial in order to attend any student's learning difficulties, and to answer any questions that comes to mind.

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