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MSc. in Human Resources Management
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  • A gestao dos recursos humanos no contexto universitario
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MSc. in Human Resources Management - Lisboa - Cidade - Lisboa Comentários sobre MSc. in Human Resources Management - Lisboa - Cidade - Lisboa
For students without professional experience, this programme guarantees an intense personal development experience, a real foundation upon which you build a career;

The programme faculty combine an extensive research background with broad professional experience, making classes unique - with a focus on the balance between theory and practice;

The programme content is designed with a focus on international best practice and with strong links to business professionals - enhancing students’ career opportunities;

The leadership training, combined with the technical training, gives the students the possibility to leave their mark on the way organizations manage their human resources;

Students will be involved in a programme with a challenging workload, demanding a high level of information processing and results, an important preparation for a future career;

Students will be part of a lively intellectual academic community, with close contact between faculty and students that facilitates team building and the sharing of ideas;

There is flexibility and freedom in the final dissertation / project which will involve a real life business scenario;

The MSc in Human Resources Management paves the way for either an exciting career or further academic study (PhD).
Master of Science in Human Resources Management
MSc. in Human Resources Management

Curriculum 2012/2013

Since not all degree candidates have the same academic and professional backgrounds, ISCTE Business School offers a preliminary term. All students should attend these classes. The admissions committee recommends all students to attend this term, and may make Term 0 compulsory for several students, after appraising their CV. This special preparation will enable students to adapt more easily to the issues discussed in the required courses

1st  Academic Year

1st Semester (September - January)  /  ECTS
Personal Management and Development     6
Strategic Human Resources Management     6
Leadership and Organizational Communication    6
Advanced Managment of Human Resources Systems     6
Quantative Methods     6

2nd Semester (January - May)  /  ECTS
Stress, Health and Quality of Life at Work    6
Management Consulting     6
Human Capital Management     6
Elective 1    6
Elective 2   

    * PDP
    * International Mid-week

2nd Academic Yea

Master Project or Master Dissertation in Human Resource    4

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