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The Energy MBA

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The Energy MBA - Lisboa - Cidade - Lisboa

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The Energy MBA is geared towards high-quality individuals worldwide with diverse backgrounds. It is designed for people committed to the development of clean and renewable energy systems as well as to the design and management of energy markets and projects for a sustainable future.Two semesters of classes will be held at ISCTE, in Lisbon - Portugal and one semester of energy-related classes will take place at Columbia University, in New York City. In addition, students will have a residential stay in the “Energy Living Lab” in Portugal. This program structure provides students with the opportunity to benefit from a challenging academic environment in two international universities and also to study in-site the operation of some of the most innovative renewable energy projects in the world. Portugal is a frontrunner in renewable energies and electrical mobility and hosts several flagship projects, such as the largest wind park in Europe and the largest solar plant in the world, a very ambitious program of large hydro new projects and the intention to create the first ever national platform for electrical cars.
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