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  • Conteúdo
    *LECIONADO EM INGLÊSApplications for this Master Programme are now open for the academic year 2016/2017.
    Studying Hospitality and Tourism in
    Portugal is unique opportunity to experience one of the global leaders
    in the tourism industry. Portugal is one of the top leisure
    destinations in Europe – bathed in a Mediterranean climate – where you
    can find some of the most attractive beaches in the world, hundreds of
    golf courses, unforgettable sightseeing, and a rich monumental
    heritage. It is no surprise that in Portugal you can find every
    possible type of tourist facility, from large-scale hotels to exclusive
    resorts as well as all major hotels chains.
    The leading Portuguese industry brands have
    capitalised on this popularity and have expanded their chains
    worldwide where they are well known for their innovation and successful
    development strategies. Lisbon and Portugal, therefore, provide
    students with a live laboratory in which to make contact with the hub
    of innovation and creativity in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry.
    Teacher-Student Proximity
    ISCTE Business School has a great tradition of teaching in field of Management:
    The faculty of ISCTE Business School have authored more than 100
    books in different management disciplines, many of which are now
    required reading at other Portuguese universities;There is a close working relationship between students and faculty;Students benefit from weekly contact hours, continual email contact
    and a sustained relationship with alumni throughout their professional

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